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Tuesday, September 21st, 2004
1:42 pm - woop woop
yes, this sunday i get to see ministry, i shall drink jack and beer and enter the mosh pit upon hearing samples of bush and the first strum of the guitar, mmm mmm
i can not wait. this show should be good

current mood: giddy

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1:40 pm - fuck a monkey, fuck a baby, fuck a baby monkey
this is a test

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Sunday, September 12th, 2004
12:05 pm - my dog fucks my cat (mdfmk is a great album)
ok peeps, last night i tryed to post this long ass thing on here but for some reason it whould not let me so i was like *what the fuck*
but oh well,
its now the day after and im at work just chilln
we just opened gota go, ill post something coo when i get home tonight

stay tuned

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Wednesday, September 8th, 2004
2:34 pm - skinny puppy sucks
iv not been on here for while, i been doing shit over at myspace.com
heh these little journal blog whatever are such a big craze now, oh well i remember years ago just finding this livejournal and being like *whatever im bored*
and now myspace.com is all the craze, my girl all ready has 143 freinds on her myspace.com thing
and yet i only have 6
i rule!
anyhoo i still think livejournal.com
is b etter
so i shall post more bad spelling and weird shit here

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Sunday, August 22nd, 2004
10:51 am - sweet you oo ooo you oo oooooo
sup all, i been messing with myspace.com
its fun me and my girly have one so we been having fun with that shit,,

im at work right now and wish i could put on some music
i have a desire to hear hard ambient back drops set aginst distorted trashy digital beats
married to mulch vocals and rythmatic samples manpulated by man and machine

mmm tasty

anyhoo im bored
and my caffine is running down

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Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
11:16 am - not with money
saw they might be giants on sunday,
it was good fun
they played alot of new songs and some of the 2001 album
plus they played "fingertips" hehe so great 2nd time seeing them do that crazy string of songs live.
they played twisting to one of my favs of flood
and yes they played particle man with the guy from corn mo.
when they played the song "drink" me and jason whiped out a bottle of so co in honer of the vibe.
pretty chill and nice night for music
they rocked the place with good vibes and good music.

i gusse the hip hop project i help start has been doing club and bar shows and the response has been good, they got another show at the other g aslighter and they want me to help em out
im not sure how but if jared leave for LA the show wont be as good as it could be
i dont really care
ill just help out and make it sound as best as i can

off to work

current mood: crazy

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2004
10:41 am - la de friggin da

im bout ready to go to work
lordi i been busy with that
my time is sooo taken up by work
but i am sooooo no complaing
the money is nice
i do like my job i have fun ,
it does make me hella tired but at least the people t heir are cool and my bosses are not assholes and leave me alone while i work
and the pay is good
its a good job im just friggggin tired
oh well thank you caffine for helping me with that
i gusse i could try to get to bed at a good hour but thats hard for me being im more awake at night

john kerry is weird looking
still im gunna vote for him i read up on him last night
so its not like im just voteing for him to get fuck head out of office
i know its trendy to hate bush now a days
but he really is an ass
i mean everybody knows it
and everybody says it
but no
really he is a big ass
but oh well
best i can do is vote and learn and keep my ears open

pubic hairs are funny

well off to work

current mood: curious

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Tuesday, August 10th, 2004
4:53 pm - i like clit i like clit i like clit


im going to manteca waterslides on friday
being that this is the last summer they shall be open*crys*
oh well

are bass player in our band has been jaming with our freinds from assail a super death metal band, their great and good people,
he wants us to do more metal yet i want to do industrial/aggro/expermental shit,
i dont know
im sure we can come up with a middle point due to our drummer

hopefully start playing more shows after summer,

cant even record our album cuse are drummer wants a new set for it
he's almost got the money for it
soon very soon
thus with that being said its time for me to start working on my solo shit

ok *channles cevin key and mike patton for ideas*

current mood: amused

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Sunday, August 8th, 2004
12:22 pm - no w
shit i cant be on here i need to get bush out of office

current mood: complacent

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Saturday, August 7th, 2004
9:56 pm - pull the trigga
wow, trey is a god

whats up all,
IM pooped, long day at work, if it were meant for me to go in to great length about it god whould grant me the power of speech, but i lack that, my speech is that of a 4 year old or something, ok perhaps im being way to harsh. More like a 6 year old rather.(heh poopie penis pussy)

Im geting up at friggin 9 tomorow to get ministry tickets at 10. coffee will be needed. (and plenty of cigs)

i wana see melvins in october too,
with trevor dunn
thats hot.
shit man i gota see the melvins their to cool live
perhaps deicide too with goatwhore

ahh shit i need more money
ok iv run out of things to say


that was the sound of my mind
hehe more like

*mind fart*

heh stinky

current mood: artistic

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12:10 pm - i know everyone, everybody knows its me,
This song was made in 1988, nice to know someone had their thumb on the world while bush has his thumb up his ass and no idea what was going, sad that 12 years later he whould be come comander and theif

VX Gas Attack

Welcome to the morning news. In its long and deadly war with Iraq, Iran has repeatedly sought international condemnation of Baghdad's alledged use of chemical weapons. The Iranians have ??? the opportunity to make their case. A city in eastern Iraq, recently occupied by Iranian forces, (?captured ??? by the siege?), according to Iran, the Iraqis bombed the city with chemical weapons. After the defeat the Iranians said the attack killed more than four thousand civilians. Welcome to the VX Gas Attack.

at ground zero pro independence heavier than air fumes city of chemical alleged cyanide gas on to karbala what is the difference between israel's plight a belief in outside influence like scalding water a side effect of their faces and lungs burn a sudden harsh smell 2 weeks after still coughing and choking livid skin blisters burn often posters leaflets nightly radio and television programs dead instructions in the use of such basic devices as a damp tovel lined with charcoal to be applied to the face and mouth when the beep beep beep gas attack warning signal sounds the dead were among porcelain face of cloud of frozen gas poison jagged fragment jew iranian iraqi bombs sun the first cyanide gas warning vx nerve gas

(1:41) Saddam ??? believe this. There are limits to our patience
(1:59) Never remember the hundreds of possilbe thousands of victims of one of the worst chemical warfare attacks since world war I
(2:11) We have the technology to produce chemical weapons. We will not remain idle forever.
We have the technology to produce chemical weapons. We will not remain idle forever.
(3:02) They can understand the governments message. In a shop in a working class district one day last week one man demonstrated the idea of a chemical warfare protector by putting a plastic shopping bag over his head.
(3:38) ??? husband and parents ??? believed dead ??? brought to a stange land ??? understand ??? sudden sound ??? discover (long portion i can't make out)
(4:09) We're analyzing water, soil, and human tissue samples to get clearer information about the gas attack. Meanwhile, doctors monitor bone marrow damage.
(4:40) Meanwhile back on the west bank, we are frightened, so frightened, revere the red, green, white, black colors of the flag tied to the mosque in the ??? we have cause to be enraptured turns irrational thunder ??? reacts to it very stifly his body is ??? anger ??? fracture ??? red fire ??? says someone came in a car with an uzi and killed his friend in a grave down the crossroads by the mosque. The friend of the dead man promises he will never forget

current mood: curious

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Thursday, August 5th, 2004
3:13 pm - orange cotton balls
Human Psychopharmacology:

DMT is inactive orally at dosages of over 1000mg. With intramuscular injection, there is an abrupt threshold of activity shown with 30mg, and a complete psychedelic experience results from the administration of 50-70mg (75mg subcutaneously, 30mg by inhalation). An unusual feature of the induced intoxication is the speed of onset and short duration. Within 5 minutes of administration there is mydriasis [dilated pupils], tachycardia [rapid heart beat], a measurable increase in blood pressure, and related vegetative disturbances which usually persist througout the drug experience. In 10-15 minutes, the full intoxication is realized, generally characterized by hallucinations with the eyes either open or closed, and extensive movement within the visual field. There is difficulty in the expression of one's thoughts, and in concentration on a given subject. There is usually a mood change to the euphoric with unmotivated laughter, but instances have been reported in which paranoid ideation has promoted anxieties and feelings of forboding into a state of panic. The subject is largely symptom-free at 60 minutes, although some residual effects have been seen in the second hour. With the inhalation route of administration the time scale is contracted, with onset of effects noted in 10 seconds, a short period of full intoxication at 2-3 minute, and a complete freedom from any residual effects within 10 minutes. At higher drug levels, there are increased vegetative symptoms, and these effectively overwhelm the psychedelic experience at dosages of 150mg i.m. Interactions with other drugs are rarely seen; a sensitivity has been observed with pretreatment with methlysergide, but there is no cross-tolerance with LSD. Repeated usage does not appear to lead to either physical or psychological dependency.
Legal Status:
DMT is explicitly named as a Schedule I drug in the Federal Controlled Substances Act; registry number 7435

current mood: predatory

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Monday, August 2nd, 2004
10:32 pm - heh yes
thanks to all the kind words,

yes i gusse i should explain more heh,
shes this girl i met 2 years ago, she was in my math class, and i never talked to her, a year later i get introduced to her we start hanging out, a few months later we decided to go stedy(heh such a high school word), and then later on i proposed to her,
now alot of people i know have said*its to soon, its not gunna last, your going to fast* blah blah
and to that i say

i did proposed and she did say yes but were not planing on geting married for like 2 years,

and also the crazy journy we both had meeting each other and being with each other thus far has really changed us for the better,

we have plans, we have dreams, we both know what we want to do with our lifes, and the only thing that sucks is the time waiting for it, its all this waiting and preparing ,
but we know we want to do it right and take everything at our own comfortble pase,
the most important factors in reality is secure income, and the smarts to live on our own.

we both love each other and i know it sounds clicheick but
i never knew what love was, i really did not,
but i do now,
and its a love that did not just come out of nowere
it was a crazy evolving journy,
and its far from over

brap on

(im such a fag)heh

current mood: drunk

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12:29 am - im a tard
im geting married,
i proposed to cristal
life is good

current mood: content

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12:25 am - Pi
Xi _==+



out Torrid))))))))))))))(((((((((((((((((((

creepy cross road____________-------------()99))666)

pour vomit



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Sunday, July 11th, 2004
4:23 pm - distortion mood swing smile
iv not posted for a while,
saw skinny puppy a few weeks ago,
it was bad ass, they opend with downsizer,
then went in to i'mmortal and ogre was wearing this crazy alien looking thing with a hugh beak,
it was awsome,
they played my fav old songs like glass houses, and everybodys fav smotherd hope,
they played hella shit of vi and rabies,
also the process
when they played blue serge and the first track off too dark park my balls droped to the floor along with my jaw,
ogre is a great stage man
his voice rules and cevin was hella sexy with his electronic/keybord set up,
the video screens played alot of cool stuff in the background
at one song it showed ogre on the projection screen and he fliped it off, heh
anyhoo it was a damn fine show and one of the better ones iv been to
along with patton shows,

well off to work to make money ugh

current mood: content

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Tuesday, June 29th, 2004
10:03 pm - beat me off, lord
today was nuts,
i worked from 1 to 9:30
gota work at 8 in da morn tomorow
but at least skinny puppy is this thursday
work is fun and cool, i like it alot and the people their are cool, i just get soooooo tired damn,
but its worth it, good to be finaly saving up some money
damn is it nice,
oh well im off to sleepy sleep

current mood: exhausted

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Sunday, June 27th, 2004
10:05 pm - plastic wrap
caffine is cool
i drank it all day at work in the popular form known as Mt. dew.
mmmm sugar caffine goodniss,
you know
drugs are cool
i love weed, i smoke alot of it, or i use to,
and when i do it now a days after a hard day of work or chillin with my freinds or smokeing my girl out,
its just extra nice,
i luv it, listing to music, making music or haveing a long unconventinull conversation.
its just great

i like shrooms to, iv done them for my first time a year and a half ago and have done it 10 times since then, everytime has been rewarding and spirtual,
only one bad trip and even it was not that bad.

i never do drugs anymore or talk about them but i use to be romantic with them, all drugs and all ideas,
i dont know what i am now
i just drink here and their and smoke weed,
the last hard drug i did was addies(legal coke for people with add i swear)
well it last longer then coke

drugs do have their down sides,
its not good to devote your mentality to it,
or your life dependcy on it,
you just got to be smart and realstic with drugs

if i could do any drug right now id do acid, i only took one tab and it did not even do much
id like to try it due to my history,
just to see what the others are talking about,

rant rant rant (fart)

i want shrooms damn it..... its summer for god sakes.

current mood: curious

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9:54 pm - click click bloody click pancakes
this last week was cool, got to see my girlfreind and we went to kmfdm, it wass good fun, and its alwasy heven to be with her.
i really love her,
kmfdm was great
this band black japan open for them, i liked em alot
it had a john zorn, mike patton, meets download type of thing
next week is skinny puppy show for me (creams)
cant wait
im tired

current mood: contemplative

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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004
5:49 am - i am a god......
booby weenie,

im happy due to the fact that i have been working a alllll week since my new job opened up and i get my first day off tomorow and on that day my girlfreind will be here and were both going to the kmfdm show in frisco,
lord lordi lord i cant wait,
im at work right now and its 5:50am
im tired ZzzZzzZzzzZzzZ
and then july 1st i get to see the gods
skinny puppy
mmmm sexy
their gunna play hardset head YES!
and tin omen
gota love the songs hardcore fans hate
mmm mmmmm

oh well must get back too work
peace all you fuck wads!

current mood: productive

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