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plastic wrap

caffine is cool
i drank it all day at work in the popular form known as Mt. dew.
mmmm sugar caffine goodniss,
you know
drugs are cool
i love weed, i smoke alot of it, or i use to,
and when i do it now a days after a hard day of work or chillin with my freinds or smokeing my girl out,
its just extra nice,
i luv it, listing to music, making music or haveing a long unconventinull conversation.
its just great

i like shrooms to, iv done them for my first time a year and a half ago and have done it 10 times since then, everytime has been rewarding and spirtual,
only one bad trip and even it was not that bad.

i never do drugs anymore or talk about them but i use to be romantic with them, all drugs and all ideas,
i dont know what i am now
i just drink here and their and smoke weed,
the last hard drug i did was addies(legal coke for people with add i swear)
well it last longer then coke

drugs do have their down sides,
its not good to devote your mentality to it,
or your life dependcy on it,
you just got to be smart and realstic with drugs

if i could do any drug right now id do acid, i only took one tab and it did not even do much
id like to try it due to my history,
just to see what the others are talking about,

rant rant rant (fart)

i want shrooms damn it..... its summer for god sakes.
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