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iv not posted for a while,
saw skinny puppy a few weeks ago,
it was bad ass, they opend with downsizer,
then went in to i'mmortal and ogre was wearing this crazy alien looking thing with a hugh beak,
it was awsome,
they played my fav old songs like glass houses, and everybodys fav smotherd hope,
they played hella shit of vi and rabies,
also the process
when they played blue serge and the first track off too dark park my balls droped to the floor along with my jaw,
ogre is a great stage man
his voice rules and cevin was hella sexy with his electronic/keybord set up,
the video screens played alot of cool stuff in the background
at one song it showed ogre on the projection screen and he fliped it off, heh
anyhoo it was a damn fine show and one of the better ones iv been to
along with patton shows,

well off to work to make money ugh
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