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heh yes

thanks to all the kind words,

yes i gusse i should explain more heh,
shes this girl i met 2 years ago, she was in my math class, and i never talked to her, a year later i get introduced to her we start hanging out, a few months later we decided to go stedy(heh such a high school word), and then later on i proposed to her,
now alot of people i know have said*its to soon, its not gunna last, your going to fast* blah blah
and to that i say

i did proposed and she did say yes but were not planing on geting married for like 2 years,

and also the crazy journy we both had meeting each other and being with each other thus far has really changed us for the better,

we have plans, we have dreams, we both know what we want to do with our lifes, and the only thing that sucks is the time waiting for it, its all this waiting and preparing ,
but we know we want to do it right and take everything at our own comfortble pase,
the most important factors in reality is secure income, and the smarts to live on our own.

we both love each other and i know it sounds clicheick but
i never knew what love was, i really did not,
but i do now,
and its a love that did not just come out of nowere
it was a crazy evolving journy,
and its far from over

brap on

(im such a fag)heh
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Good to see ya happy. :)
thank you : )
we gota catch up sometime,
thats so sweet, i'm wishing the best for you guys, and am totally voting ryan/cristal '04. hey, remember Lou Bupp? he's going to join me on my future songs. :D
thank you, hell yeah, your songs are the best