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la de friggin da


im bout ready to go to work
lordi i been busy with that
my time is sooo taken up by work
but i am sooooo no complaing
the money is nice
i do like my job i have fun ,
it does make me hella tired but at least the people t heir are cool and my bosses are not assholes and leave me alone while i work
and the pay is good
its a good job im just friggggin tired
oh well thank you caffine for helping me with that
i gusse i could try to get to bed at a good hour but thats hard for me being im more awake at night

john kerry is weird looking
still im gunna vote for him i read up on him last night
so its not like im just voteing for him to get fuck head out of office
i know its trendy to hate bush now a days
but he really is an ass
i mean everybody knows it
and everybody says it
but no
really he is a big ass
but oh well
best i can do is vote and learn and keep my ears open

pubic hairs are funny

well off to work
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