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not with money

saw they might be giants on sunday,
it was good fun
they played alot of new songs and some of the 2001 album
plus they played "fingertips" hehe so great 2nd time seeing them do that crazy string of songs live.
they played twisting to one of my favs of flood
and yes they played particle man with the guy from corn mo.
when they played the song "drink" me and jason whiped out a bottle of so co in honer of the vibe.
pretty chill and nice night for music
they rocked the place with good vibes and good music.

i gusse the hip hop project i help start has been doing club and bar shows and the response has been good, they got another show at the other g aslighter and they want me to help em out
im not sure how but if jared leave for LA the show wont be as good as it could be
i dont really care
ill just help out and make it sound as best as i can

off to work
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