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mike patton's slut(ryan)
14 February
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hello, im ryan. 21 living in morgan hill. Im in a band that plays shows around this area(very very very lowkey)we knew to it ya know?
I also enjoy the artform and spirtniss of electronic music in all its good forms(cevin key is my electronic guru) yes that sounds poserish but oh well im comfortible with my lifes and dislikes as alot of people are and not worried about being labled(poser,trendy,hardcore,underground) or other such teenage buzz words.. i use to be caught up in that shit and it drives a nigga crazy~~! anyhoo i have a girl in my life and im hardcore in love with her. she is my life. i enjoy smokeing weed, going to club shows, drinking,having conversations, hikeing, reading,jerking off, and trying new things, or old things whatever, my hopes in the future are to be living with my girlfreind and making a living of studio work and doing my own musical projects. oh yes and patton is god(hail) peace

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